Here are 10 Tips to Fight Icky Crud Season!

coldWe all know that having the Icky Crud is the pits. But, we don’t have to feel sick for long. Here is a short list of some of my faves to have on hand to keep the Ickety Goo Crud from staking its claim on my family. The following is my take on sinus, allergy and cold issues. Hope you find this list useful and please feel free to share what keeps you and your family free from Crud-ville.


The info is my own and the links are Amazon affiliate links. So if you decide, after clicking through, that you’d like to purchase, Thank you! I do not get paid by the company’s, but I will receive an affiliate payment from Amazon, if you decide to purchase. #EnterpriseLife. Blessings and Happy Reading!


  1. Fruit: Lots and lots of fresh fruit. Fruit has many medicinal properties and most and very refreshing especially for a system that is overrun by the crud. So go on and get plenty of grapes, oranges, lemons, grapefruits, apples, bananas, mangos… have fun and eat’em up. I also eat the fruit cups that are in 100% fruit juice, fave brand Dole.
  2. Over the Counter Meds: Depending on the type of crud you have, albeit cold, flu, allergies, sinus… or others, you want to have on hand and readily available OTC meds (over the counter). For my home it is sinus/allergy meds that MUST be on hand… Generic Zyrtec works well for us, if we catch it in time. Yes, generic can be good, in non-life-threatening medications.
  3. Natural Herbal Medicinals: I got hooked on the following two brands that are really good , not only for my children, but I take them as well and they both work very well –
  4. Nasal Spray: I use a traditional saline spray for my tot to loosen the mucous. I use a medicated, prescription steroid nasal spray for myself, my teen and tween to open our nasal passgaes back up and keep us breathing well.
  5. Air Purifier: I have a small, semi-travel size plug in air purifier that I use, especially when there is crud air lurking about. I also like to get the allergen or carbon filter, which adds an additional layer of purification, cleansing and keeping the home/room air clean. Favorite brand is Hamilton Beach TrueAir Product Line.
  6. Pain Medication: Tylenol, Motrin, Advil, Bayer… Use the one that works best for you. Good Ole ibuprofen is my go to med for all things pain and sinus pressure and headache related. I do not take this med often, but found it most useful in my latest bout with sinus, cold crud. Had a wicked case of sinus pressure and headache that I managed to get under control with the ibuprofen.
  7. Water: Water is still the undefeated champ in restorative health. Drinking lots of water helps to cleanse/rinse the system of impurities while rehydrating our systems, so drink up! Here is a great article on the proper water intake based on your weight.
  8. Tea: I like the herbal teas that have specific combinations for whatever ailment you need to treat. But in general any and all menthol, spicy teas are good for the crud… peppermint, spearmint, ginger, cayenne (in very minute, tiny quantities), are just a few I work with. Then, of course, there is always lemon and honey. The following is an herbal tea combination that I’ve found to be good:
  9. Herbal Supplements: Echinacea,goldenseal, combination of the two or other combinationthathasatleast Echinacea in it. At the end of the day, get what you have access to the fastest for relief. Most drug store chains have some or all of these herbal combinations or single ingredient varieties. My favorite brands are:
    • Nature’s Herbs – Which is very hard to find except on the Nutraceuticals site
    • Nature’s Sunshine
    • Nature’s Way
    • Planetary Herbals – Liquid and Chewables for kids
    • Dr. Christophers Formula – Super Garlic Immune, this stuff is the business… tastes terrible but works soooooo very good. Take a big heaping spoonful 3 times per day and within 3 days you will be filling soooo much better. Can’t take the weird taste try the Sinus Plus Capsules.
  10. Rest: Your body needs time to heal and if you are overly active, whether thinking, or moving around your body does not have adequate rest periods. Give your body the rest it needs to heal itself. Don’t get back to work too soon, if you don’t have too. Going back to work at first opportunity can set you up for a relapse and the relapses are the worse.


Finally, always try your best to think happy, positive thoughts. Practice wellness thinking and healthful habits and you will be feeling better in no time. Air your house out, if you do not have an air purifier and clean down all surfaces, knobs, doors, etc, so there are no germy leftovers and so you can move forward with a clean, germ free state/slate. Thanks for reading. I invite you to comment and share. Blessings and peaceful living to you!


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